Saturday, April 2, 2011

The girls are now 7 and we are finally in a position to let them try some extra-curricular activities. They wanted soccer so soccer it was.

Brock and the girls approach the field for their first game ever.

This is what they were up against. No fear!

Hurry up and wait. I would like to say they were sizing up the competition but mostly they complained that it was too hot. 90 degrees at 8:30 in the morning. Welcome to soccer in the desert. (Perhaps not one of my better ideas.)

The game started and all doubts vanished. Soccer is fun!!! The girls were timid in the beginning and mostly stood around while we yelled from the side lines. (Apparently I am that parent.) Once they figured out what they were supposed to do (take the ball away from the other team - I know it doesn't sound nice but really, it's the point) they stepped up and did their best.

Ellie coming in for a water break.

Liv's water break.

Brock and I had so much fun watching, cheering, and yelling incredibly helpful things that we forgot to take picture of the actual game.

Unfortunately they were not victorious. They lost 0-5 but there was improvement in the second half and everyone had fun. Here is the team with their coach who is a really great guy. We didn't know him at all and we really lucked out.

The girls were so tired by the end of the game but they had a blast.

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teresa and the boys said...

Look at you all up and blogging again! Alex informed me this morning that he really misses Ashton, like, so much, mom!