Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Final thoughts on Disney Land

So, I was looking through some old pictures of us in Disney Land and I realized that there were a lot I never posted. (If you are thinking "No surprise there." I would ask you to keep your comments to yourself.) So I am going to post them now with my thoughts on the happiest place on earth.  I will warn you now that there are a lot of pictures.  I have to make up for lost time.

1.  Disney Land is clean.  I love clean.  The bathrooms are clean.  Don't you hate walking into those bathrooms that smell like they were built in the middle ages by people who routinely chucked the contents of their chamber pots out their own windows?  Well I do anyway.  Everywhere you look people are sweeping and wiping and picking up.  Even the train is clean.  In the 3 days I spent with hundreds of people I never once stepped on gum.  Bliss.

2.  Disney Land thinks of everything.  You can even buy diapers if you need one from nice ladies dressed in a very Mary Poppins-ish outfit.  They have nice changing tables and even little potties for little people to use.  (This is not in reference to people with dwarfism as that would be rude.)  Unfortunately, the diapers cost a dollar each so Mickey and his peeps are raking it in every time some mom (i.e. me) forgets to bring more than one diaper for 8 hours of drink filled fun.

3.  People are nice at Disney Land.  I know I haven't been there as much as some people have but I have rarely heard snotty remarks made.  (Except that time the drunk guy stepped on some ladies kid in the haunted mansion but my kids were not there so they didn't hear rash words exchanged and even then there was no cussing.  Impressive as Mr. Drunk smelled like a distillery with a leak.)

Ready for pictures yet?  I thought so.  No need to make rude remarks.  See #3 above.  We can all learn from Disney Land.  (I meant about being nice not about being so drunk you step on children and smell like you have a leak.)

4.  The characters are great.  After our Easter Bunny trauma I was worried but they really know how to put the kids at ease.

Here is Ellie with Aladin (lest you think we let our children hang out with strange men with really small red caps on their heads). Isn't she cute?

Ellie, Ashton and Liv with Minnie.

Ashton with Mickey. I know he doesn't look all that thrilled but he was. Really.

Okay, not as thrilled as he was to sit in Mickey's car but still... thrilled.

In fact, the characters were so great that sometimes we didn't even care if they were real.



5.  Disney Land offers not only the afore mentioned characters and rides but also performances by some world renown actors such as...

Pooh, Tigger, and the new girl. (As a little side note, what was wrong with Christopher Robin? Did the feminists get him? After all, Kanga was the only female character. Perhaps she was too maternal for their liking? Chris is gone. New girl
comes in. Coincidence? I think not.)

The Little Einsteins

And.......... Mickey!!!!!!!!

6.  Mickey may be a mouse but he rules the world.  For instance, he has an ice cream sandwich made in the shape of his face.  Can the president say that?  Today Obama was sworn into office as the president of the most powerful country in the world.  But I ask you, does he have an ice cream sandwich made of his face?  No he does not.  And Mickey can charge a few hundred dollars for a mouse shaped desert and people will pay.  That's power my friends.  That's power.  

Ellie proving that even over priced treats looking like rich rodents are tasty.

7.  Disney Land makes you tired.

8. To every lesson there is an exception.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Where have you been all my life... or at least since last Nov?

I have finally decided to embrace being a bad blogger.  I think every blogging community needs one and I have decided to offer up myself for service (or lack thereof) so you, my friends, don't have to.  Offer yourselves up I mean.  Anyway........

Because of my new life calling I am no longer going to apologize for failing to write.  What is the point I ask myself?  This tragic trend isn't going to end.  I am not going to become a continual contributor of the blog.  No radical transformation will ensue causing frequent frivolity or arduous autobiographical adventures.  Besides it is really hard to come up with so many words starting with the same letter.  I am finally finished.  Okay, seriously.  I need to stop.

Here is a brief overview of our last few months.

Brock has been working hard to find people who want to build buildings.  There are not many out there.

I have been released from my food storage calling and been given a new calling as the primary secretary.  This is a lot of work.  I never knew.  Wow is what I have to say about this calling.  Just wow.

The girls have turned 5.  Can you believe it?

Ashton has gotten a new room make over.  New paint on the walls and new bedding for his big boy bed.

I will have pictures.  Someday.  Probably.  Maybe.