Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bad Blogger Bad

I have been a bad bad blogger.  I do have a couple reasons which you may or may not see in the next few days/weeks/years/maybebeforeyoudie (no promises though).

I did want to get this quick blog out though because:
1) I am afraid you are going to quit coming to my blog since I am ... well you already know, no use in beating the proverbial dead horse.
2) I think this is really cool and would like to share it with all my really cool friends.
3) It's free - does it get any better than free?
4) I am running out of reasons but the ones listed above are really pretty good
5) I should stop now.

The great site I just found...  Okay that is an exaggeration.  The great site my husband came in and told me about is Pandora.com.  As I said before it is free.  It's like your own personal radio station on the web.  You can enter the music of your choice and it will play it for you.  For example, if you enter your favorite group it will play that group and all others in the same genre.  Pretty cool.  Maybe this will win me points?