Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Day of School

Well, the day has finally arrived. The girls have started pre-school. I had thought that once both girls were in school I would magically have all this extra time to get stuff done around the house. This is not true. I now have more to do. Now I have to drive them to and from school AND while they are gone I have only one child at home.

I would just like to take this time to apologize to all those mothers out there who only have one child. I have to admit I thought my job was harder. I thought, "One. How easy! Come on, what do they have to complain about!" Well, as it usually goes, now that I have walked in your shoes I know how easy it is not. One child means no playmates but mom. One child means no toys matter but mom. One child means no one to fight with, laugh with, cry with - but mom. One child means (yea, I get it) no one and nothing but mom. So much for all that work I was going to get done. Perhaps I should have sat Ashton down and explained my plans to him. That way we could have both been on the same page. i.e. he would have laughed in my face and told me I was dreaming. Oh well.

The girls LOVE school. They get all of their stuff ready the night before. Their bookbags go by the door (just like daddies briefcase). They pick out our cloths (mom usually gets it wrong). And they imagine what they might be doing the next day. They currently have every (and I do mean EVERY) piece of school project "stuff" on the walls. Pre-school is over at noon so once I put Ashton down for his nap the girls eat lunch and describe in detail their days, breathing only when absolutely necessary, each talking louder and faster than the other in order to be the one to "tell" mom what happened during the day. They relate who played with whom. What Miss Debbie's dogs did. And who got to bring snack for the class. They have even begun to color their pictures yellow because that is Miss Debbie's favorite color.

Here are some pictures of their first day.

Ashton is feeling very important as well.