Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mom vs. Dad

As a parent you quickly learn your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes I will be better at something than Brock - cooking for instance.  And other times it is the other way around.  For example, Brock is much better at being a monster at the park and chasing small children around, they don't even have to be ours.  

I am better at finding things.  A typical conversation could go like this...

Ashton:  Blankie.
Mom:  Look down.

or this...

Brock:  We're out of salsa.
Me:  It's on the second shelf.
Brock:  No, it's gone.  I don't see it.
Me:  Move the mayo.
Brock:  Oh.

Brock is better at fixing the car.  Not that he actually gets on the ground and fixes it himself but he always takes it in for the things it may need.  Except gas.  I can do gas.  (That didn't come out exactly like I would have liked it to.)  Brock also washes my car for me.  Always.  I love that about him.

I am better keeping the house and all who reside in it organized.

One place where I can't touch dad on the good, better, best scale is the pool. Dad rocks the pool.  Mom gets out of the way.

If you look at the picture carefully you will notice Livvy is holding onto dad's shoulders from behind while Ellie is sitting on his shoulders holding onto his face.

Ashton got too cold. He doesn't like to fly anyway.