Monday, March 31, 2008


Pink is an interesting color.  It brings to mind spring time, Easter, flowers, and bunnies (although I could not begin to tell you WHY pink makes me think of bunnies - I have never seen a pink bunny).

However, this past week my kids have contracted pink eye which, to be perfectly honest, does NOT bring any of the afore mentioned sweetness to mind.  In fact, it brings to mind much nastiness. Pink eye is NOT a symbol of new life and baby animals romping playfully through a meadow.  It is NOT a reminder of time spent with family frolicking in warm spring days.  I do NOT revisit the cotton candy moments of my youth where birds sing, butterflies flutter and kites float lazily on the breeze while children squeal in delight.
No, pink eye is none of these things.  Putting the word "pink" in front of the word "eye" does NOT in anyway make the word "eye" more pleasing.  Just the opposite in fact.

Pink eye has made all three of my children look like they have lost boxing matches against really famous boxers whose names I will not even pretend to know.  Their eyes are red and swollen and incredibly foul things leak out of them.  To top it all off I get to line up all of my children for eye drops.  It worked great - the first time.  Now they know it is not a pleasant experience to put stinging, itchy drops in sore eyes.  (You can't say my kids aren't bright.)  As if the drops are not enough the kids are not allowed to touch their eyes.  So here I go...

 I put the drops in. 1 drop 3 times a day.
"Don't touch." I say.
Instantly little hands and even littler fingers leap up to the eye region of the face.  
"Don't touch." I repeat as I attempt to block their ever increasing attempts to reach their eyes.
  Little hands and even littler fingers continue to move with dizzying speed as they eventually break through my defenses and attempt to pop their offending eyeballs out of their ocular cavities.  
"Don't touch." I repeat again as I remove their hands in an attempt to preserve the eye.  

It is at this point that my cute, precious little angels turn into little creatures of pure malice that seek to take my life.

Pink eye is not my friend.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Field trip to the zoo

In the spirit of my brand-new, blog more frequently, resolution, here are pics of the kids at the zoo.  This was their second ever school field trip.  I didn't post pics of the first.  As Aaron would say, "I fail at life".

Here is a pic of the entire class.  Ellie is on the far left of the picture chewing on her Diego sport cup.  Liv is hiding behind the little red headed boy - you can't see her.  Can my kids pose or what?

Ok, seriously.  What is this?  Cheetah?  Jaguar?  Leopard?  How does one tell?  Apparently a trip to the zoo did not help ME at all.

My girls posing again.  They refuse to put down the cups and Ellie wont look up.  So much for a career in TV.

We went to the Wild Zoo which was really a lot of fun.  As you can see the kids are able to get pretty close to the animals.

Sad when the kangaroo poses better than the children.

This was BY FAR the best part of the zoo.  The lorikeet feeding.  The kids were able to hold a piece of an apple and the birds would fly down and eat it right out of their hands.  It was really neat.  Liv loved it.  Ellie, not so much.

Picture of the class before the train ride.

The girls were enthralled by the tortoise (the large, flat, rock looking thing in the upper left hand corner).   Now, I myself am an animal lover and the tortoise was cool and all but this picture captures all the excitement the tortoise has to offer.  This is it.  I finally had to drag them away.  

This was our next big adventure.  Feeding the giraffes.  The girls would not do it so I had to hold them up while I fed the giraffe.  "You will have fun so help me......"

Is it just me or does this camel look dead?  The girls were quite concerned.

I was thinking of doing this with Ashton's hair.  What do you think?

This white tiger was beautiful.  He was sleeping until all the kids came around.  At which point I am thinking, that he was thinking, "Lunch".