Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I don't matter...

Now, before you start sending me notes about how I do matter and how I shouldn't off myself just because we have reached ridiculously high temperatures and I'm fairly certain I saw a tree burst into flame for no apparent reason... please, read on.

Ellie:  I don't matter which popsicle I get.  I just get which one is familiar to me.

Here is some background.  

Nap time had just ended and the girls decided they would like a popsicle.  Liv grabbed hers and Ellie walked over to the box, looked in at the 3 red ones left and grabbed one.

This begs the question.  What went on in those few seconds?

"Yes.  You.  Popsicle.  I know you.  We have met before."  

Cue evil maniacal laughter and fade to black. (as the popsicle was eaten and we are a G rated blog.)

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